December 13, 2006 – GILBERT, AZ – 3J Communications, Inc., one of the world’s largest Skype phone manufacturers, today introduced its new SkyPartnerTM, a state of the art cordless combo phone that allows users to make both landline and Skype calls.

The new SP101 phone comes with a special SP102 USB dongle and DECT handset, which can be separated by up to 160 feet, enabling users to make Skype phone calls without having to be near a computer. 

“Flexibility and ease of use are the hallmarks of this exciting new combo product,” commented Larry LaCross, 3J VP Sales and Marketing.  “Our 3J product line is designed to put the capabilities of both landline and Skype-based phone calls into the hands of end-users.  The new SkyPartner product, combining the 3J SP101 DECT phone and its special USB dongle, now provides that versatility.

 The new SP101 is an extremely versatile dual function phone.  It makes crystal clear regular landline PSTN calls (Public Switched Telephone Network) using new DECT technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).  In conjunction with the SP102 USB dongle, it also makes Skype calls worldwide.  The Sp101 includes all key Skype features such as Voicemail, Call Forwarding and SkypeIn/SkypeOut services. 

The user can view their Skype contact’s status and profile, and can add or search their Skype friends on the unit’s bright 1.5” color handset screen.  There are even separate call lists for both PSTN and Skype Calls.  For multiple users, the base can be registered for up to 4 handsets so that the unit can be used to make conference and local intercom calls, which can be done between two handsets, even while a third handset is maintaining a PSTN call.

The Skype user interface on the SP101 allows the user to see who is online on the Skype contact list.  Making a Skype call is just a push on the ‘CALL’ button on the handset.

The complete list of features of the new 3J SkyPartnerTM SP101phone includes:

· 1.5" color LCD display with 128 x 128 resolution and full-color Skype GUI

· Pairing of the SP101 and SP102 is done in factory

· Proven DECT technology on the SP101 delivers clear digital communications

· Dual phone capability with calling on Skype and PSTN on the same handset

· Reception up to 1000 feet in open field and 160 feet in home and office between

  the SP101 and SP102

· Switchable between Skype and PSTN calls

· 50 phonebook memories

· Skype Voicemail, Call Forwarding, SkypeOut/In services

· Skype buddy list

· Call forwarding from Skype to PSTN

· Conference Call

· Call Waiting

· Skype User profile

· Independent call list for normal phone numbers and Skype contacts

· Hands free speakerphone/ LCD Backlight/Blue Keypad

· Programmable ringer signal on handset

· Level battery indicator

· Signal strength indicator

· Earpiece volume adjust

· Out of range alert

· Battery low alert

· Handset power supply: 2 AAA rechargeable batteries, Ni-MH 750 mAh

· Up to 120 hours standby time; 8 hours talk time.

· USB1.1 Full speed mode

· Headset jack on the SP101 handset

· USB driver is provided


The SkyPartnerTM SP101 will have an MSRP of $119.95 and will be available January 2007.

System requirements include an Internet connection (cable/DSL/other), a PC with 400 MHz Processor, 128 MB RAM, one Available USB connection (USB 2.0 or USB 1.1), 10 MB hard disk with space available for installation, Windows XP/2000, Skype software installed on PC, and a CD-ROM drive.

3J Communications, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer of Skype-enabled phones.  Corporate headquarters are located at 1387 E Canyon Creek Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85296. Customer support hot line is 480-751-9974.  Company web site is www.3j-communications.com.

Media contact is Al Abrams, VP, Corporate Communications, phone: 818-343-6365, e-mail: abrams@publicist.com.




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