NOVEMBER 15, 2006 – GILBERT, AZ – 3J Communications, Inc., a fully integrated worldwide manufacturer of Skype-enabled phones, announced the availability of it s new 3J-W1D phone that allows users to make Skype calls remotely with a handset, or use a convenient speakerphone from its base.

“The new 3J-W1D features echo and noise cancellation to provide crystal clear Skype calls,” commented Larry LaCross, 3J VP Sales and Marketing.  “It is easy to install and very easy to use.  With the remote handset, you can make or receive a Skype call just like you would with any cordless phone, and without the limitation of a connected USB cable.”

The new 3J-W1D is a remote wireless Skype phone that is composed of one base and one handset. The base is a high quality speakerphone ideal for conference calls. The handset has blue backlighted graphic LCD.  Both base and handset ring for incoming calls.

 The new version of the 3J-W1D is compatible with Skype, MSN and Yahoo Messenger, as well as with VoIP Buster. The 3J-W1D can be installed on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.  It will support both wireless and broadband networks, at only a fraction of the usual price of a Wi-Fi Phone.

In addition, the new 3J-W1D works with SJphone, X-Lite and Eyebeam, other highly popular VoIP soft phone applications.

For Skype, the user can view their Skype contact’s status and profile, and can add or search their Skype friends on the unit’s bright 1.5” color handset screen.  There are call lists for Skype Calls. 

The 3J-W1D features

   · High fashion look and design

   · USB Wireless Phone for Skype

   · 2.4GHz ISM Band, suit for Europe, USA, Japan etc

   · Handfree with digital echo cancellation

   · Large graphic LCD with blue backlight

   · Skype contacts review and call list on handset LCD

   · Both base and handset ring for all incoming calls

   · Multi-language caller ID display feature

   · Auto-select RF channel to improve the quality of voice

   · Standby time: More than 100 hours

   · Talk time: more than 10 hours

   · Radio range: 50 ft

   · Battery: 250mAh (Li-battery)

System requirements are:  Windows 2000 or XP; 400MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port; 128MB RAM and 15MB free disk space; any broadband connection.

The 3J-W1D has an MSRP of $79.95 and is currently distributed through DataVision in New York. 

A color image of the 3J-W1D with product specifications is available at www.3j-communications.com/products/scp.html.


3J Communications, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer of Skype-enabled phones.  Corporate headquarters are located at 1387 E Canyon Creek Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85296. Customer support hot line is 480-751-9974.  Company web site is www.3j-communications.com.


Media contact is Al Abrams, VP Corporate Communications, phone: 818-343-6365, e-mail: abrams@publicist.com.






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