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3J Communications is leading the world in the exciting emerging area of quality, low-cost telephony using softphones such as Skype. We have already shown ourselves to be market leaders with our various flagship products which allow almost free calling from any mobile or landline to anywhere in the world.


We fill the niche

3J Communications is rapidly positioning itself to become the biggest one-stop global supplier and developer in this rapidly expanding market. We provide everything that business needs in terms of VOIP products that are Skype-approved.

We advise on the best strategies for phone system setups that maximize productivity and minimize cost and we can supply it all rapidly and efficiently.

We are fully aligned to this very exciting market right now, and we continue to innovate and lead the field.



Our Research & Development Department is the engine for our success, and we are paying a lot of attention to the next level of highly successful products to take advantage of these commercial opportunities.

For example, we are currently working on the next revolutionary quantum leap in internet telephony – free wi-fi hotspot phoning with our proprietary wi-fi phone! This stand-alone, low-cost wi-fi phone will enable the user to make extremely cheap calls to anywhere in the world, from any wi-fi hotspot, whether from Starbucks or MacDonalds or public hotspots or private wireless signals. Many cities are beginning to set up free wi-fi networks city-wide, or in many public places, making it very convenient to call using wi-fi in many places.

This product will change the face of telephony over the next few years, and the profits are expected to be very rewarding for those who, like us, are well positioned to take advantage of the market.


Investment Partners

Accordingly we are providing an opportunity for forward-looking commercial and investment partners to take advantage of our leadership in this field. We are willing to share our success and network with like-minded partners who bring appropriate skills, know-how or investment input to this exciting business venture. 


Should you be interested in being a part of a highly successful commercial venture in internet telephony, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at


We look forward to doing business with you.

3J Communications, Inc



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